In my nature, I tend to be in touch with scholarly persons. When you are surrounded by the scholars there are always some opportunities to learn something. It may cause some losses sometimes what I did not realize a year back.

A well-know famous English teacher was my friend that I always want to be touch with him to learn something. In most of the cases, I always knocked him on social networks to learn something new. He was so kind that he had given me some face-to-face opportunities in his classes. Sometimes, I made a joke showing my willingness to work with him. One day, I asked him to meet with him and he allowed me to meet him. I was on the way and called him but found his mobile switched off. It is to inform you that sometimes he needs to switch off his mobile phone being busy. I went to his workstation and was waiting at the information centre. I did not ask anyone to call him because I had enough time to wait. Suddenly, a younger brother saw me and welcomed me. I did not know that he was working with my friend there. I told him about the reason for coming and showed my patience to wait in front of the information desk. Suddenly, he came back again and told me that my friend was calling me. He took me to the conference room and my friend asked me to seat with the others.

The recruitment procedure along with monthly meeting was ongoing and I was feeling uncomfortable to be there. I somehow showed my signal to my friend to leave the place but he insisted. The younger brother asked me to make a speech and I gave a very childish speech for my bad. At the end of the meeting, he took me to his office room and his colleagues were there. They had some official discussion and I was very a good listener who was just waiting to have a cup of coffee with his friend. When we were about to leave the place he asked me the reason to be there. I reminded him about the given appointment ( I think he forgot it). Suddenly, he questioned me how I knew that younger brother. I told him the short story of our begging of the friendship. Then he questioned me why I called that younger brother 'Bhai'. I told him that it did not have anything with the relationship and I liked to do it. After that, he insisted that the younger brother called me for the interview. I was feeling too bad. I forbade him without the f***ing cup of coffee.

Later, I tried to make him understand but he insisted. I was kind of broken to see my friend's foolishness. Now I hardly knock anyone scholarly person and make my coffee by myself. I do not want to lose any good friend again. To myself, self-learning is the best learning.

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