My name is Mariam Sultana and I am 11 years old. I read in class four at Bloomfield International School and College. I live in Dhaka with my family. My father's name is Karim Ahmed who is a businessman and my mother's name is Jhorna Ahmed who is a homemaker. I have a sister named Maliha Sultana, reads in class 8 in the same school. She is sitting for JSC Board Exam. My hobbies are dancing and gardening. My favourite sport is cricket. I want to be a doctor in future that I can help the poor people. Today I am telling a sad story of about my life. On 17th December 2017, I went to my grandmother house. We stayed there for a week to enjoy our vacation. When the holidays over, we were coming back from my grandmother house on 24th December 2017. On the way, we fall on a car accident and I got hurt. Then my parents took me to Bangladesh Medical College at Uttara. The doctor asked for the X-ray and he found that my right leg was broken seeing the X-ray report. Then we went to Kurmitola Hospital and the doctor asked to plaster my broken leg. My parents were so anxious about me. Then the doctor plastered my right leg with his team. He was so kind to me that I didn’t get frightened. I had to keep the plaster for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, I went to the hospital again to meet the doctor and he opened the plaster. He asked for the X-ray again. We went to the X-ray room and another doctor did the X-ray. The report was positive and I was so much happy. He prescribed me some medicines that I can be fit soon. After two days, I felt that my leg was Okay. And I went to my dearest school again. My teachers were so happy after seeing me. I had to take medicine for 2 months for further treatment though I didn’t like medicine. I wish I would be happy forever without no more accidents.

Written by: Takia Sultana
Class – 4
Edited by: Md Ariful Hasan