Many years ago, a poor and lazy farmer lived in a village. He had a son who read in standard 5. His son was 11 years old and he was studious. One day, he heard that someone was crying from another room. He went there and found that his son was crying. He asked about the reason for his crying. His son indicated to his mother’s body. His wife was dead. A few days later, he took to his soon to the school. He looked at his smiley face. He promised to himself that he would work hard to change the life. He worked very hard. He got plenty of crops next year and became a rich businessman. After that, he lived happily with his son.

Moral: Hard work brings wealth and happiness

Written by: Nahin Nahar
Class – 2
Bloomfield International School and College
Date: 06.09.2018
Edited by: Md Ariful Hasan and Sayed Shaheen