The Story of Oranges

''শীতে ফেটেছে ঠোঁট,
হৃদয়ে লেগেছে চোট,
সেই ফাটা ঠোঁট দেখে মনে লাগে চোট।''
It was the 1990s when I used to watch this Meril Lip gel advertisement on BTV ( Bangladesh Television).
The lines were so popular among all age groups. However, I'm a fan of the orange flavour of Meril Lip Gel.
The smell! Ah!
Today, I went to Karwan Bazar to buy some fresh oranges. I was not warned about the unavailability because of the last Election. Only 5 to 6 shops had oranges though there were about 20 fruit shops. The price was too high that it gave me a start. However, somehow managed to buy some of them but not so satisfied with the quality. Nowadays, my wife falls in love with oranges.
The smell! Ah! A few days ago, I came to know about a story. I rewrote the story dedicated to orange.
Once upon a time, a fool guy went to the market taking a pitcher with him as a carrying bag. He went to the fruit market and requested a fruit seller to give him 1 kg orange. However, the men told the fruit seller to measure the oranges taking them inside the pitcher. The fruit seller laughed and told him to bring a common bag. The man was not getting into the point and insisted him to use the pitcher. Then, the fruit seller put the oranges inside the pitcher but he forgot to measure the pitcher’s weight. As a result, the pitcher got only one orange in the scale although the pitcher’s side was a bit high. The man was worried and asked the fruit seller to give the pitcher back to him. Now, the fruit seller got angry and planned to teach the man a lesson. He told the man that the pitcher ate all of the oranges and it belongs to me now.
The man believed the fruit seller and felt worried. He smelled the pitcher for the last time before giving it to the fruit seller.
The smell! Ah!