Today I got some beautiful gifts from Allah. After Sheri (Early eating for fasting) I prayed. My family went to bed. After that what happened to me I couldn't realize. Though morning walk is not my habit I went for searching for something. Sub-ah has so beautiful sky. A very few youngsters and some old men were coming from the mosque. I started my walking so fast. I targeted to reach my rented room very quickly. It's 30 minutes walking path from my house. 

Comilla City Corporation Cleaners were not still active but I got an activated smell  :D I went to Talpokor Par ( Pond). Dogs were still running their wildness ;) They are the free Night guards of our city. City Corporation doesn't have to pay them.

I stopped at the pond. The little sunlight made the water heavenly. I changed my then and decided to go to Dormosagar ( Tank). Most of the people prefer the west path to go there. And I'm not different. However, it's a nice feeling to go there walking through the wall :D

OMG! Fishermen were catching fish. I sat on the bench and started the beauties of that. Most of them are hybrid fish. Some birds were sitting on the net rope. The sun was rising. Hey! Don't be jealous. I took some pictures ;)

After that, I went to the City Corporation Park. Diabetes patients were so potential :p  Oh! The "Jamtola"! You lost your mother :-( In my childhood I often came here for playing. However, the daughter is not bad :-) 


Suddenly, I saw a stone. There was something written. It's a poem from Famous Poet Al-Mahmud. I read it. What a poet he was!

"The Green are spreading her breast here.
The little plants are dancing their heads to the sky :-)
Oh! I'm thinking of You under the shade!
Yes, You and You are the key to this Garden City."

(Translated by Md, Ariful Hasan, Sorry for the Dare)

It was getting late. I decided to come back to my workplace. Suddenly, I met with my First High School Hero " Pandit Sir" (Modoshodon Sir). I said him Hi! Hello! He is still young that I felt that if I was getting old :-) I was feeling bad because I couldn't invite him to our Reunion. I'm not the decision maker of the guest list. He is out of it.

Thanks, Allah for such a beautiful morning. Amin.