Five days ago. There was raining late at night. I was searching for some songs related to rain. After a while, I found my self in dark cause of the blackout. I laid down myself on the bed. The pitter-patter sound made me emotional. My subconscious mind found the speed of light and started searching for my childhood memories. Oh! What a beautiful and adventurous days I had! :-(

Then I was 4 years old. My family lived in the tin shade house of Burichong House, Baganbari. I can still remember my close friend named Nazir in my childhood. One day we were playing in the back of the house. The floor was the slippery cause of rain. Our servant was cooking food. The smell of food made me curious about cooking food. I walked to the kitchen and was just close to it. Then the accident happened. I fall down and cut my head. I was screaming. My brother named Khokon Dadu and other members came. He and maybe other two men ( I can't remember their face) took me to General Hospital, Comilla. The doctor made two stitches and covered it with a bandage. When they were making stitches four men hold my head,hands, and legs and I was crying :D

Khonkon Dadu took me to Salauddin Hotel. I ate 6 sweets :D I was so much happy then.

After eating sweets, I came to my sweet home and stood in front of the Mirror. Touching my bandage I was looking at the bandage " Hm! I'm not looking Bad :p"

To be Continued............