My wife is so happy now because she doesn't have to travel a long distance from the office.  But I am in trouble. I went to my workstation for the first 3 days using public transport after shifting to Dhanmondi. In the first day, it took 3:30 hours to go there. The very next day, it took 2:15 hours to go there. In the third day, it was 3 hours. All of the days, I was late. However, the administration had a good relationship with me that it didn't cost me anything. But job life is not as smooth as our childhood. According to organizational behaviorism, an organisation will not change its rules for you. You need to cope up with the situation and have to obey the rules and regulations. It's better to find a way to make yourself a part of it. So, I decided to use a bicycle as my transportation every day.

It was 1998 when I bought my first bicycle. My mom promised me to give a bicycle when I was in class 5. But there was a condition what moms usually do to their children.