The condition was to get chance in Comilla Zilla School. As I got a chance last year but in morning shift so I had a great confident on me. At last, I got the chance in class 6, day shift. But I didn't know the hadith that parents can tell a lie to motivate the children. When I asked my mother to buy me a bicycle my father had a quarrel with my mother. So, I had to forget my little wish. I thought it is better to watch Tom and Jerry. when I was in class 8 I attended Junior Scholarship Examination. I asked my mum to give me that promised a bicycle if I got the scholarship. She agreed and also asked my father if he had a problem. By the blessings of Almighty Allah, I got the scholarship. My father made another situation at home that he would not come from Chittagong to Comilla if my mother gave money to buy me a bicycle. my wish was not so important than my father. So, I decided not to think about my desire. When I was in class 10 almost all of my friends had their own bicycles. It made me worried all of the time. One day, I came to know about non-cooperation movement from BTV. I thought it's better to do that at home so that I could fulfill my wish. I did it for two days and it worked really great. my mother called one of her cousins to help me with buying me a bicycle. And I bought a pink coloured Hero Ranger Max pink in colour. I didn't forget to buy a lock because it was important for safety.

I wish you happy and was feeling like a devil. in the second day, I broke a street hawkers’ glass, plates, and other things. My mother gave TK 1500 for the loss.