It was 14th April 2019 of my previous blog of this series, 'Traffic Jam, Bicycle, and Dhaka'. But I didn't stop cycling 😉. The experience of my last week was a little bit different. Alhamdulillah, Allah (Subha Ta'Ala) gave us (me and my wife) a beautiful, polite and intelligent daughter on 5th July 2019. Arisha (my daughter) has already become the worthless part of both families.

On July 9, 2019, I started my ride from Banasree to Baridhara J block at 8.05 am. When I went to the main road (Rampura-Badda road) I found huge traffic. One can hardly put a single push to move forward. It wasn't normal as usual. As a cyclist, I was searching for the options to take an alternative way for my ride. There was not a single vehicle on the right side. I took the chance and started flying. A movement was ongoing from the rickshaw-pullers' party because the city corporation banned rickshaw from Mailbag to Badda. I arrived at my working place at 8.25 am. After changing the clothing and wash, I entered on the floor at 8.35 am and found it empty. Every colleague had been stuck on the road. As far as I can remember, the last person came at 11.30 am. Everybody was complaining about the traffic on the road. I was feeling worried that I had no chance to participate in the conversation becaaaause, "I have a bicycle/bike. Traffic jam is not a piece of my cake.''