Yesterday I was reading an article about BRTA traffic law. Surprisingly, the most interesting thing I got about bicycle riding. According to chapter XIV section 273, a bike rider can ride on footpath giving proper signal pedestrians.  Anyway, this is for the safety issue. you may have a question why I am so careful about traffic laws. On the contrary, you may think who cares about traffic loss. I am not going to debate on what is wrong what is right. However, it is obvious that you should know all of the things when you are on the road. Definitely, it will help you to avoid unwanted situations. 

Now, come to the important question. Is Dhaka ok for bicycle riding?  what do you think?  To answer this question you don't need to be a researcher. If you ever go to the rural areas you may feel comfortable with the roads there. The weather is so fresh and we hardly face any traffic jam there. We always see bicycles there. Now you are ready to answer this question.  Dhaka roads are not safe even OK for bicycle riding what I said earlier in my writing. According to The United States Environmental Protection Agency, ‘’Dhaka air pollution today world's worst.‘’

(to be continued)