Thursday, January 23, 2020

Recent rape issues in Bangladesh : What should we do?

I just saw a video on Facebook where some ladies were making a man naked in front of the public. The man got caught when he was about to rape a child. The courage I'd seen in those ladies was well enough to make awareness of the musked rapists. It's not the first time I've found this kind of courage in Indian women. I read a similar kind of news in 2018.

A rapist was about to get naked by the women in Jain bazar, Ambala city. India (2020)
According to the local newspapers, nearly 13 women/children get raped every day in Bangladesh. Though we, the people always on Facebook/Youtube/Sattelite news it's not possible to get know about all of those rape cases. Silently, it's becoming an alarming social disorder. Some people are showing the cause of wearing improper items of clothing. Most psychologists say that this is not the problem with clothing rather than awareness among people. What should we do to solve this extremely hated problem?

Two men accused of raping a 17-year-old girl were paraded naked through the streets with their hands tied behind their backs as women slapped them (2018)
I know a case where a teen raped and injured the child badly. Both the victim and the rapist are from very well-established families. After suffering for a day, the child died. However, the victim's family filed a case only for the murder hiding the raping issue. They hid it thinking of social status and shame. There are so many cased like it. Even we're experiencing so many injustices in our personal life.

The point I want to tell you that we need to motivate our women to come forward to deal with this issue in their own ways backing from the different sources and surroundings. Then the solution will work perfectly and we'll find this Bangladesh as a rapist free nation.