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This a blog that is How to write a research paper, I am going to write for my academic development.

Three parts
1. General Instructions and advice
2. Content of a research paper
3. Review process and responses

1. General Instructions and advice

Scientific Attitude:
i.Theoretic investigation
ii. Experiments
iii. Numerical testing or simulation

i. Logical presentation
ii. Language flow

Structure and clarity
Know your readers who want to
- know the result of the paper to determine to read on - Abstract
(When the readers read the abstract, they know the results of the paper, and then the readers can determine to read or not.)
Know intuitively (meaning: without conscious reasoning; instinctively.) know the key ideas behind this paper, how it is derived, what are the significance and implications - Introduction
(The author should summarize the contribution of paper in the introduction so that the readers know the key idea behind)
Know the glory details - whole paper
Writing paper in English
- Confidence
- Responsibility of delivery
(The writer should know the background of the readers, and write the paper clearly so that the readers can understand him/her.)
- Direct translation often does not work
In writing paper,
- need to present facts, theories, proof, experiments and testing objectively.
- not put the feelings or emotions into the text
- need to avoid unnecessary political, religious and emotional comments
- need to avoid bias and discrimination related to race, gender, age and etc
- have to be sensitive to the comments possibly explained as against the current social ethnics and convention
Main contents

  • Title

 - Best presentation of the paper on either contributions and unique features
 - Generally not a sentence
 - Importance of right word order
 - No waste of words

  • Abstract

 - summary in a few hundred words
 - very important to attract readers


- motivations and problem descriptions
- academic and/or industrial impact
- literature reviews
        -  show the state of art
        - cite references available to general public
        - avoid offensive remarks
        - use the most recent results
        - do not cite too many 'home-made' references
(The authors you put offensive remarks on is the reviewer of your paper)
       - summary of the major contribution of the paper
       - organization of the paper (optional)
Problem Description of Formulation
       - System configuration environment etc.
       - Definition of all relation for vacation symbols etc.
       - Mathematical models and formulation
- Main ideas to solve the problem
- Theorems and practice
- Description of the approach or algorithm
- Performance analysis
- Unique feature of the method
Results of application, experiments or testing
- Description fo the practical or experiment system
- Description of the Pre data and the attached system
- Description of the computer system
- Presentations of results by tables, figures, and so on.
- Applications and benefits


-  summary of your findings (not a repeat of abstract)
- concluding remarks
- Acknowledge the funding agencies
- Thank individuals

References (very important)
(a list of literature)

- need to list references in the appropriate format and meet the requirement of the journal
(Look at the previously published paper.)
- Have recent references if possible
- Give complete information
(Second author shouldn't be your reviewer)
- List appropriate numbers of references
(Any references listed must be cited in the text. If you think that any citation should not be referred to in the text.)
- Do not list anything that is not referred to
- Do not list too many home-made references

(Under Construction)
References:Guan Xiaohong, Tsinghua University(https://courses.edx.org/course_modes/choose/course-v1:TsinghuaX+60250101+1T2020/)