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A Busy Tuesday: Balancing Grading, Consultations, and Student Guidance

Date: 9th July 2024

Morning Routine and University Journey

I started my day by waking up at 6:30 AM. After getting ready, I prepared breakfast, cooking some noodles with eggs. I planned to catch the van at 7:30 AM but ended up taking the 7:45 AM van to the university.

Prioritizing Grading and Exam Preparation

Upon arriving at the university, I began my work by checking the summary writing papers of my Level 4 students. Given the importance of providing timely feedback, I prioritized these papers since I am planning to hold an exam on summary writing on Sunday. My goal is to check all the papers by Wednesday so I can give feedback on Thursday. If not possible, I will provide feedback on Sunday and then conduct the exam on Monday.

Student Consultations and Course Modifications

Throughout the day, several students visited me to modify their courses for the next semester. Additionally, a few students came for consultations about their course selections. I had discussions with two or three students today, addressing their concerns and providing guidance.

One student was struggling with listening and speaking skills, while another was confused about how to improve their writing. Although it’s not my duty as an advisor to teach these courses, I decided to use my experience to guide them. I provided them with helpful tips and advice, and they seemed pleased with the guidance.

Administrative Tasks and Clarifications

After talking to the students, I realized I needed to submit some forms to the head of the advisors for next semester’s course choices. I took photocopies of the forms and asked the head for clarifications. This helped ensure everything was correctly filled out.

Class Preparations and Teaching

I then prepared for my classes. With Level 5, I focused on cause and effect essays. I started with a warm-up activity where students wrote causes and facts related to their topics. I checked their work and provided feedback during the class.

For Level 4, we had a new reading session about different festivals, which went well. I also asked the students to watch a video about lie detectors, which they found very interesting. Some students asked about their graded papers, and I explained that they would see them next week since grading essays takes time.

Evening Routine and Reflection

After finishing my classes at 6:30 PM, I packed up and headed home. The day was quite stressful due to the workload and the additional administrative tasks as an advisor. Now, it’s late at night, and I’m about to sleep, reflecting on a productive but tiring day.

Balancing Grading and Providing Timely Feedback

As an ESL teacher, providing timely feedback on student work is crucial. Prioritizing grading ensures that students receive constructive comments that can help them improve their writing skills. This approach is especially important when preparing students for upcoming exams.

Effective Student Consultations

Student consultations are an essential part of my role as an advisor. Addressing student concerns and providing guidance on course selections can significantly impact their academic success. Using my experience to help students with their specific issues, even beyond my advisory duties, ensures they receive comprehensive support.

Administrative Efficiency

Completing administrative tasks accurately is vital for smooth course registration and planning. Ensuring that forms are correctly filled out and submitting them on time helps avoid any delays in the process.

Engaging Classroom Activities

Incorporating interactive activities and relevant content in the classroom keeps students engaged and enhances their learning experience. Teaching cause and effect essays and using multimedia resources, like videos, can make lessons more interesting and relatable for students.

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