Tuesday, July 9, 2024

A Day in the Life of an Experienced ESL Teacher: Balancing Counseling, Classes, and Personal Time

Date: 8th July 2024

Morning Routine and University Journey

My day began early at 6:30 AM. After preparing breakfast, I started my journey to the university at 9:30 AM. Upon arriving at my office desk, I immediately began my work, starting with consultations with my advisors.

Student Consultations and Course Guidance

I had consultations with around 8 students, providing guidance for their next semester course choices. Some advisees were struggling, so I shared insights from my 15+ years of experience as an ESL teacher. While these consultations were supposed to be just 10 minutes each, some extended to 30-40 minutes. Many students are new to the university and unfamiliar with the GPA system, which differs significantly from Bangladeshi and other curricula. I explained the GPA system and offered strategies for excelling in their courses. I also encouraged them to meet their instructors for tailored advice, as they have been observing the students' progress over the past two months.

Productive Classroom Activities

Following the consultations, I conducted three classes for Level 4 and Level 5 students, focusing on reading and writing courses.

Level 5 Class: We discussed cause and effect essays and worked on activities from the textbook. The students began writing their cause and effect essays using textbook examples. I expect it will take two or three days to complete these essays, as I want my students to grasp the material thoroughly and improve their writing skills.

Level 4 Class: The focus was on summary writing. I assisted students with their summary outlines before they began writing. After they finished, I collected their papers. With a pile of papers to review, I anticipate the next two or three days will be quite busy.

Evening Routine and Rest

After returning home, I had dinner in the dining hall. Exhausted from the day, I decided to go to bed early to rest and recharge for the upcoming days.

Reflections on the Day

Balancing professional responsibilities with self-care is crucial for any teacher. Today’s experiences, from student interactions to teaching engaging classes, reminded me of the importance of this balance. Whether it's guiding students, preparing for classes, or taking time for oneself, each aspect contributes to a fulfilling teaching career.

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