Monday, July 8, 2024

A Day in the Life of an ESL Teacher: Balancing Counseling, Classes, and Personal Time

Today was a busy and fulfilling Sunday for me as an ESL teacher. My day was filled with student counseling sessions, engaging classes, and a bit of personal time for exercise. Here’s a glimpse into my day, which might resonate with fellow educators and those interested in the life of a teacher.

Morning Counseling Sessions

My day began with a series of counseling sessions. Out of 34 scheduled appointments, I managed to counsel 14 students in the morning. These sessions focused primarily on course selection for the next semester. We discussed their study progress and any issues they were facing. This interaction was enlightening as it allowed me to measure the effectiveness of my teaching style and the progress of my courses. The students shared valuable feedback, making these sessions very interesting and insightful.

Productive Classroom Activities

Following the counseling sessions, I conducted three classes for Level 4 and Level 5 students, focusing on reading and writing courses.

Level 5 Class: We discussed a reading passage and then tackled some multiple-choice questions (MCQs), one of which related to cause and effect. This led to a brief discussion on cause and effect essays, which engaged the students effectively.

Level 4 Class: The focus was on summary writing activities. I had re-modified materials from the last semester to create more effective teaching resources. This approach proved successful as my students connected well with the material, understanding the key points needed for summarizing. I asked them to come prepared with an outline for the next class.

Evening Activities and Personal Time

In the evening, as I returned to my hostel, I prepared materials for the next day. I decided to take a break and went for a bicycle ride, something I hadn't done in a long time. The ride was refreshing, and I enjoyed the scenic view of the river from a bridge under the moonlight. Although I was tired and couldn’t read the storybook I had planned to, I acknowledged that it was okay to rest and recharge.

Reflections on the Day

Balancing professional responsibilities with self-care is crucial for any teacher. Today’s experiences, from student interactions to personal time, reminded me of the importance of this balance. Whether it's engaging with students, preparing for classes, or taking time for oneself, each aspect contributes to a fulfilling teaching career.

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