Today, I've visited Boro Durgapur with my colleagues for work. That was a nice place near to our city rural area. The village has some amazing views. 

Anyway, nowadays Easy Bikes are the most common riders in our Comilla City. In my first blog post, I wrote about it. Poor people know that it is a nice rider to earn something well. So most of the rickshaw pullers are going for those easy bikes instead of our traditional rickshaw. Some people don't know how to handle them. So they wanna learn them by themselves without any instructor. Sometimes it causes a dangerous accident. We saw some teenagers are taking easy bikes riding as their job. They don't know about traffic rules. On the other hand, the city corporation is not giving them a license. So, the city is getting over-polluted by those bikes. 

Now, what happened actually today? We saw an easy bike was going by our side. It passed ourselves. We were walking. Suddenly, we noticed that there was a crowd. When we were closed to that crowd we go dumb. The bike was in a muddy paddy field. The driver was so much frightened. After talking to him, we came to know that he had been learning driving to be an expert. ( Without Instructor !!!!) We tried to help him to get rid of this misery. The bike cost 120,000 BDT.

The driver was safe and the bike little bit damaged. However, it might cause damaged some lives. City Corporation should be aware of it. They should produce a license to those easy bikes.

Edited: Latest news is that City Corporation restricted Auto bikes in some areas.