But I didn't feel down. The very next day I hit a rickshaw and it fell down on the road. The passengers were lucky that they didn't get hurt. and I was so lucky didn't tell me anything. However, the front wheel Rim was broken so that  I went to a mechanic shop. It cost me TK 140 to repair it. As a student, it cost me a lot at the time of 1998. After that, I didn't have any accident. Most of the time, I used my bicycle to commute my school. Once some local mastans planned to steal my bicycle. A brother from my neighbouring house told about the plan. From that time, I became so careful. Those were my golden days what was not always a bitter story.  

After passing my HSC, I shifted to Dhaka for University Admission Coaching. In 2004, I admitted myself to Jagannath University. One day my mother called me when I was in 2nd year. She told me something which is really shocking. My mother gave my bicycle to a mason who constructed our house. This was the end of my first bicycle story.