When I entered in my tertiary education I almost forgot about cycling. After passing my Masters I came to know about bdcyclists. I didn't realize before it's possible to do cycling in the hell of Dhaka city. I saw different videos on bdcyclists on YouTube. it was 2011. I went to Comilla and bought another Hero Ranger Max bicycle from local shops. I started my cycling with bdcyclist and got some younger brothers and good friends it changed to my total idea about cycling. And another fact was to save money. I joined in a financial house and started commuting with my bike. I started to realize how much benefit a bicycle could give to a person like me. I didn't have to think about traffic jam or transportation cost in those days. To upgrade myself and to commute so fast I bought an MTB bike for the first time. I started to use this bicycle to go everywhere. I thought I was learning many things about bicycling. Though I had several accidents they were not so dangerous. But it was not like that. In February 2015, someone stole my bike. it was my fault because I didn't buy a good lock. It happened for my lack of knowledge about bicycling.
After marriage, I got an old bicycle from a relative in 2015. My wife realized about my passion for cycling She encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do with cycling. It happened to me again and someone stole my bicycle.

(to be continued)