I was feeling down. Because I just had customized the bicycle on that day. There is a proverb, Black will take no other hue. I bought my next bicycle with the ultimate 8 mm chain lock. Now, it is almost one and a half years past with my present bike. it is not possible for me to go for a ride every now and then. But I ride a bicycle every day for commuting what is pretty challenging in the heavy traffic jam in the morning of Dhaka City. I ride more than 25 KM in my daily routine which is helping to keep me fit. On the other hand, it is saving my time and money. After 2 years of daily commuting in Dhaka, I got some better experience rather than getting them bitter.

What kind of bicycle do you need in Dhaka City for commuting?

Well, it depends on certain conditions.

  1. Are you physically fit for riding on a bicycle?
  2. How long have you been riding on a bicycle?
  3. What are the physical conditions of the road on the way of your commuting?
  4. What kind of vehicles are there during the ride?
  5. How many traffic signals do you have on the way?
  6. Are the footpaths OK to ride?
  7. Is there any flyover for a shortcut?
  8. What are the alternative routes?
  9. What are the conditions of those routes?
  10. Does your office have bicycle safe parking?
  11. Is there any alternative if your office doesn’t have safe bicycle parking?
  12. Does your office allow you to take a shower? Is there any alternative?
  13. Do you know how to repair a bicycle in an emergency case? If yes then how much?
  14. Do you know the bike repair shops and mechanics in your route?
  15. Do you have a problem to use safety gears on your ride?
(to be continued)