Well, I’m using an MTB bike right now. There are several reasons for using it for commuting. If you’re living in Dhaka City you’ve already known the traffic situation very well especially from 8 am to 10 am and from 5 pm to 8 pm. Sometimes, even don’t have space to padel your bicycle forward. People run their vehicles in such way that it’s more than a formula 1 racing among city services, cars, motorbikes, and others. I’m helpless without an engine with two legs rider. For your kind information, there is no bicycle lane in Dhaka city. Even there some so-called lanes for bicycle and rickshaw they are useless.

Before going to tell how I deal with that in real life you should know something about Dhaka city.

Firstly, The traffic congestion in Dhaka is wasting around 3.2 million working hours daily, due to the current average driving speed of hardly seven kilometers an hour, costing the economy billions of dollars, according to a World Bank report.

Secondly, Dhaka city has about 1,40,000 registered vehicles till 2017 and the number is rising rapidly whereas the length of the road is constant. According to daily star, the number is now more than 8,00,000 right now with registered and unregistered vehicles.

Thirdly, you’re not sure when you can reach to your office whether you’ve Mercedez or R15. You have to always face an annoying puzzle on traffic jam every day in morning and evening.

Fourthly, the people living in third world country don't have enough money to hire to travel 10 km to 15 km using 'Pathao' or 'Uber' service every day.

Fifthly, most of the offices have zero tolerance for latecomers.

(to be continued)