I worked for Lanka Bangla Finance Limited in Marketing department in 2012. During the fieldwork time, I needed to walk a lot. On the other hand, the salary was not sufficient that I could bear a comfortable transportation. So, I decided to use bicycle to make it happen. The decision didn't go well. The weather of Bangladesh is not cycling friendly. After using it for three days I gave up. However, I used for daily commuting. It was the beginning of my commuting and I never give up.

When I ride in rush hours I usually find some old fashioned riders with the trendy commuters. Both of them are awesome from their places.

If you count me I believe in fast riding on roads. I believe in myself that I can make it in any condition on roads. I merged traffic rules understanding the weather on roads. If you do not have vehicle it's hard to understand the rush hours in Dhaka. You are nearly a lonely paddleman among thousands of motorized vehicles.

(to be continued)