My toddler diapers were about to finish and its responsible mother was continuously giving me a reminder to bring diapers from New Market, Dhaka. Taking classes and conducting assessments are kind of my daily routine as a teacher. I stopped vlogging after coming to Dhaka and trying to give my quality time to family. Meanwhile, my pieces of stuff are getting prepared to make vlogs with better quality.

Last week, I proposed my wife to start a healthy diet of Dr Jahangir Kabir with me. It was not possible to follow a proper chart in Chittagong living alone without a cooking facility. When the last lockdown has started near about 60% of restaurants got closed according to my observation. I've tried 'foodpanda' for two weeks though my experience was very bad about Bengali homemade food. It has a long to go to improve the homemade food quality at a reasonable price. Some restaurants are really good in terms of rich food and it's not good for your diet.

It was 4:00 pm and I was working on making some contents for my website. I have a bad habit to take a challenge to finish my work what pulls my wandering mind back into a level of satisfaction. My wife asked me four to fives times of going outside and I replied to her about my work to finish. It was 5:30 pm and I completed my task.

I was riding on my bicycle through the traffic and thinking of the people on the road. It usually takes 10 minutes to go to New Market but I arrived at 6:11 pm. My target shop, Hossain Store is one which is quite popular among all kinds of people in Dhaka City. They sell products at low price compare to other shops but it was not a good day. They told me that they did not have the product that I was asking for. One of the salesmen was too kind that he told me a place in the market where I could buy a similar product. I bought a Nescafe jar saving 15%. I was afraid to enter the market thinking of the flow of people. When it was to save some money you need to compromise with the situation. Can you think of the people who are living streets?

I had parked my bicycle in the market. Holycow! People came with their family nobody left. It was the time of iftar and mass people were gathering to take their iftar. Half of the people were not wearing the mask properly. I walked quickly and went to the second floor near gate no 2. The kid's shop owners were preparing their iftar and I felt I should not disturb them. I had decided to go there after the Magrib prayer. I was waiting near Shahnewaz Hall.

After a little bargaining for a while, I was successful to save 25% and feeling happy. When I was returning from there I bought some stickers from the streets for my lovely daughter.

After coming home, I took a shower and sanitized all of the things I had brought. I gave the stickers to my daughter and she was so happy. I felt I am running after the finish of my responsibilities in a comparably secured world with thousands of insecurity.

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