Saturday, September 10, 2022

The Duck Knows The Politics Well To Protect Her Babies Now!

Last week, I was reading an article by Shamsad Murtaza on plagiarism, and I was impressed to see his to-the-point writing grounded in Bangladesh. Today, I got another piece to read titled "Leave private universities out of BCL politics" (Mortuza, 2022). The writer has professional experience and has done administrative work in public and private universities. The critical point is that most of the students and teachers, along with the administration backed by government personalities, do not want politics in private universities. Even BUET and IBA adapted non-political practices to their campuses.

It was a time when guardians admitted their children to private universities, thinking they would only be getting tertiary education without any session jam. As time flies, new reasons and needs have been added for a non-political environment, a better academic environment, skill development practices, and so on.

Once upon a time, there was a duck that laid 20 eggs and gave birth to 10 baby duckies. When they were growing, Mom decided to send her babies to school. The master was a jackal, and the headmaster was an owl. After graduation, the duck found only five of her babies. The babies tried for BCS with heart and soul, but two of them got selected. The next day, there was a picture in the newspaper of the two BCS cadres, the proud duck, the jackal, and the owl. After a week, the other three babies went to the school and called a meeting with Mr. Jackal and Mr. Owl. The next day, they recruited one of them as a teacher for the school, and the other joined politics for two parties. After this, many questions were spread in the media, and the news reporters went mad trying to find the answers.

First question, what happened to the first ten eggs?
.......The reporter (the Daily Devil) found that the neighboring Mrs. Snake ate the ten eggs for her universally actual Bengali characteristics.
Second question: What happened to the five ducklings at school?
......The reporter (the Daily Keyamat) found that Mr. Owl ate three ducklings and Mr. Jackal ate two.
Third question: What happened in the meeting?
.....The reporter (the Daily Karbar) found that the three ducklings blackmailed Mr. Jackal and Mr. Owl with the case of eating five brothers. The live ducklings did not tell their mother about their lost brothers in their academic life so they could get enough food and care from their mother. None of them informed the mother duck ever.
Now the last question is why the duck never went for the query of her lost eggs or children.
.....The reporter (the daily Bengali) knew that she was illiterate.

The situation has changed now. Every duck, egg, duckling, jackal, owl, snake, etc. knows how to read and write with 250+ years of experience in their brains. It is really tough to eat with backdated ideas or tricks.


Mortuza, S. (2022, September 9). Leave private universities out of BCL politics. The Daily Star.

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